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We're on a journey to create a seamless experience when you explore cities and try to do something new, exciting and thrilling. We cover almost all the popular, trending, cultural and local activities or, you can say, attractions across all Middle Eastern countries.

 Why is City Laila Global Travel the top choice for exploring Attractions?

Be it planning for your next vacation or exploring options after the planning, CityLaila Global Travel will be your top choice for all the help you need by letting you access a catalogue of handpicked tours, top attractions, and the best activities around the world at the most reasonable prices. Book tickets online at your fingertips. We have been in this industry since 2017, and different individual organisations like Tripadvisor, the tourism department, the tourist service department and many more have recognized our work and service.  We cover, You discover. 

City Laila makes its mission to help you find and book tickets for a humongous array of recognizable top attractions of the most popular cities so that you can create lifelong memories with your friends and family. Family trips to honeymoons to solo adventures, whatever be the plan, we promise to get you to the best of places while all that’s left for you to do is to focus on enjoying yourself!

City Laila prioritises complete customisable options for your travel itinerary, catering to your comforts, preferences, and budget. We believe that wasting a fortune on pre-decided tour plans with nothing suited to your taste isn’t what you signed up for. With us, you can enjoy only the most exclusive handpicked tours carefully designed by travel experts or get to choose from our curated selection of all the top activities from around the world.

Be assured that the best price possible is something we promise on every activity you pick from what we feature. If you find a better price elsewhere, send the proof, and we will refund the difference with a secret gift! 

What do we do?

We make planning activities convenient and a pleasant experience for all. Tickets should be more accessible, and we provide many ways to ensure it remains that way for you to have a joyful vacation. We believe having fun is the only thing that should matter. 

What do we offer?

We provide you with Easy traveller tour plans with a whopping 300+ activity options that carry the promise of the Lowest price deal every time.That isn’t all, you will also get top-notch customer support, a flexible refund policy that extends up to 72 hours after payment and many more to ensure your time is saved for maximum fun and ease at your destination.

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